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 Character Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Character Creation Rules   Character Creation Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 17, 2012 7:50 pm


1~ Use the correct biography forms when posting a new character. Use the main character biography form for main pack characters, and the other characters form for any other character you may play.

2~ When posting a new biography, you can add any information you want, but please keep the basics in terms of what is on the biography form.

3~ Do not create absurd characters. All characters on this site must be animals. You may not create food as characters.

4~ Gods, half-gods, demi-gods, or any type of god-like beings are not allowed. Gods only exist in legends, myths and religions. Gods never exist as actual characters and characters never come into contact with them. They also cannot have been created by gods, as this is god moding(Or Mary-Sue).

5~ Do not copy or steal information off of another character's profile for your own. That information is copyright to the person who created them.

6~ Make an effort to be descriptive. Profiles should be detailed and in depth. A single sentence isn't enough to tell us all about a character.

7~ This should be obvious but, WE DON'T ACCEPT MARY SUES/GARY STUS. Your profile will be reviewed before it is accepted, naturally. So if your character has Mary Sue qualities, we'll be sure to point them out.
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Character Creation Rules
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